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Features of Refrigerated Air Dryer
Features of Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Shanghai Rotorcomp refrigerated air dryer adopts America HANKISON bulk liquid separator/filter, Japan Panasonic and Korea LG refrigeration compressors to ensure the durability and stability. It can separate 99.99% of liquid water from the refrigerated compressed air to prevent the secondary evaporation of water, the separation efficiency is higher than that of cyclone separation.
  • Galvanized copper piping system has optional internal pressure from 0.3 to 4.5MPa.
  • Stainless steel process piping can be applied to the food and pharmaceutical industries due to its high resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.
  • As a trustworthy manufacturer of compressed air dryer, we use counter flow heat exchanger to improve the cooling capacity, without any risk of condensation in the compressed air system.
  • Evaporator is made from thin-walled copper tubes and hydrophilic aluminum fins, providing high heat transfer efficiency for the refrigerated air dryer.
  • Improved drain system helps efficiently drain out large quantities of condensate and residual oil from compressed air dryer, therefore ensuring clean air drying while lowering the load of the system.
Technical Specifications
Model Capacity Power Voltage Connection Dimension Weight
m3/min kW V/50Hz L×W×H Kg
1.2 0.85 220 Rc1″ 630×450×640 50
2.4 1 220 Rc1″ 700×450×830 80
3.8 1.25 220 Rc1.5″ 850×500×920 105
6.5 1.5 220 Rc1.5″ 880×550×1020 150
8.5 1.8 220 Rc1.5″ 880×550×1020 160
10.7 2.5 380 Rc2″ 1180×670×1080 240
13.5 2.5 380 Rc2″ 1180×670×1080 260
18 3 380 DN65 1360×710×1220 310
25 4 380 DN80 1360×710×1220 400
28 4.5 380 DN80 1650×750×1290 450
35 6.5 380 DN100 1670×750×1675 780
426 8.8 380 DN100 2000×950×1740 820
55 10.2 380 DN125 2350×1050×1910 900
65 13 380 DN125 2550×1100×1940 1100
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Shanghai Rotorcomp
Shanghai Rotorcomp has been presenting its screw air compressors in the market since its establishment in 1999. In fact, our first foundation goes back to 1985, we was a company engaged in manufacturing piston air compressors until we moved our headquarter to international metropolis – Shanghai in 2000. Since then, we have made commitment to developing screw compressors, pressure vessels, heated desiccant air dryers, refrigerated air dryers and compressed air filters with the support of Germany Rotorcomp Verdichter GmbH.
Shanghai Rotorcomp is dedicated to provide customers worldwide with our high quality compressed air systems, which can be extensively used in machinery, medical, electronics, textile, automotive, mining, construction, and many other industries. Since the day of our establishment, we have delivered our products and services to global customers in more than 60 countries and regions.
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